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Our compensation plan features 7 different ways to earn commissions! For those looking to maximize the benefits of the compensation plan, the Business Builder Pack and Career Success Pack are the best options because ordering one of these packs is the 1st step towards qualifying for Legacy Team pay explained below.

Package Options
The chart below lists the eMulin package options, which includes the
1-time $20 enrollment fee to activate your account and personalized
websites.  Shipping and handling calculated upon checkout.
* The $595.95 and $1195.95 packs unlock the ability to build legacy pay.
We offer great training and tools just like this website to support you in
launching and growing your business. The information shared on this page is
not a guarantee of earning any income at all.  The amount of income you can
earn will vary based on your ability to consistently implement the training
and tools we provide until you reach your income goals.


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